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  1. Diameter of Kähler currents (with V. Guedj and A. Zeriahi)
  2. Geometry of K-trivial Moishezon manifolds : decomposition theorem and holomorphic geometric structures (with I. Biswas, J. Cao and S. Dumitrescu)
  3. Strict positivity of Kähler-Einstein currents (with V. Guedj and A. Zeriahi)
    Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, to appear
  4. Equality in the Miyaoka-Yau inequality and uniformization of non-positively curved klt pairs (with B. Claudon and P. Graf)
    C. R Math. Acad. Sci. Paris, memorial volume for Jean-Pierre Demailly, to appear.
  5. Numerical characterisation of complex torus quotients (with B. Claudon and P. Graf)
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  6. Degenerating Kähler-Einstein cones, locally symmetric spaces, and the Tian-Yau metric (with O. Biquard)
    Invent. Math. 230, 1101-1163 (2022) [journal version]
  7. Curvature formula for direct images of twisted relative canonical bundles endowed with a singular metric (with J. Cao and M. Păun)
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  8. Continuity of singular Kähler-Einstein potentials (with V. Guedj and A. Zeriahi)
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  9. Algebraic approximation and the decomposition theorem for Kähler Calabi-Yau varieties (with B. Bakker and C. Lehn)
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  10. Kähler spaces with zero first Chern class: Bochner principle, Albanese maps and fundamental groups (with B. Claudon, P. Graf and P. Naumann)
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  11. A decomposition theorem for Q-Fano Kähler-Einstein varieties (with S. Druel and M. Păun)
    C. R Math. Acad. Sci. Paris, memorial volume for Jean-Pierre Demailly, to appear.
  12. Families of singular Kähler-Einstein metrics (with E. Di Nezza and V. Guedj)
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  14. On subvarieties of singular quotients of bounded domains (with B. Cadorel and S. Diverio)
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  16. Quasi-projective manifolds with negative holomorphic sectional curvature
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  17. Variation of singular Kähler-Einstein metrics: positive Kodaira dimension (with J. Cao and M. Păun)
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  18. A decomposition theorem for smoothable varieties with trivial canonical class (with S. Druel)
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  19. Klt varieties with trivial canonical class: holonomy groups, differential forms and fundamental groups (with D. Greb and S. Kebekus)
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  20. Orbifold stability and Miyaoka-Yau inequality for minimal models (with B. Taji)
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  21. Families of conic Kähler-Einstein metrics
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  22. Kähler-Einstein metrics: from cones to cusps
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  23. Semi-stability of the tangent sheaf of singular varieties
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  24. On the boundary behavior of Kähler-Einstein metrics on log canonical pairs (with D. Wu)
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  25. Kähler-Einstein metrics with conic singularities along self-intersecting divisors
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  26. Conic singularities metrics with prescribed Ricci curvature: the case of general cone angles along normal crossing divisors (with M. Paun)
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  27. Kähler-Einstein metrics on stable varieties and log canonical pairs (with R. Berman)
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  28. Kähler-Einstein metrics with cone singularities on klt pairs
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  31. Toric plurisubharmonic functions and analytic adjoint ideal sheaves
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  • Geometric applications of singular Kähler-Einstein metrics, text, Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, defended on November 22, 2022
  • Klt varieties with trivial first Chern class, text, Summer school Foliations in Algebraic Geometry, Grenoble, July 2019
  • Métriques de Kähler-Einstein singulières, text, PhD Thesis supervised by S. Boucksom and M. Paun and defended on October 13, 2013
  • Points de vue algébriques et analytiques sur la notion de positivité en géométrie complexe, text, magister’s project, defended at the ENS in June 2010
  • Méthodes analytiques pour l’étude des singularités en géométrie complexe, text, master’s thesis, defended at Université Paris VI in June 2010